The Road to Moab is Covered in Vinyl

Would you believe it if we told you that Regional Supply has manually converted enough vinyl to cover the distance between Salt Lake City and the Delicate Arch in Moab, Utah? All that vinyl has been converted over the past 5 months alone. Pretty impressive? We think so.

For the sign industry vinyl is more than a vintage means of musical entertainment. The vinyl popularity contest is maintained by many features; the biggest is that vinyl is incredibly versatile. From color to adhesive, opacity to finish, and product life to suggested use. There are so many ways to use vinyl, apply vinyl, and purchase vinyl. Options at Regional Supply include 35 different vinyl series, numerous length and width sizes and over 750 colors. The possibilities are almost limitless.

Regional Supply values excellence in the variation of stocked product, including vinyl film, and the relationships maintained with the industry-leading companies that supply those products. Successful business relationships are maintained with 7 of the vinyl market’s top suppliers. Each manufacturer is unique in their product offering and contributes in a positive way to the varied vinyl choices you see stocked on our shelves every day.

Gerber provides punched vinyl options for specific plotters. Gerber is a widely known and respected brand in the sign industry. Their high-performance products are shared with the 3M brand.
  220: High Performance 4 widths, 78 colors
225: High Performance, Synthetic Liner 17 colors
220: Premium Metallic 13 colors
230: Translucent 2 widths, 50 colors
280: Reflective 12 colors
210: Dusted & Frosted Crystal 2 widths
210: Deluxe Gold & Silver
Quantum 2000: Intermediate 2 widths, 11 colors
Oracal sets the standard for volume of material and number of stocked product lines and colors available at Regional Supply. There are many Oracal options on our shelves, and in general the material comes at a very competitive price.
  951 Metallic Cast 4 widths, 49 colors
951 Premium Cast 4 widths, 5 colors (96 available)
975 Premium Carbon Fibre 1 width, 5 colors
970RA Wrapping Cast 28 gloss, 8 metallic/matte
751 High Performance Cast 78 colors, 3 matte colors
651 Intermediate Calendared over 60 colors
631 Exhibition Calendared over 60 colors
8500 Translucent High Performance 55 colors
8300 Transparent Calendared 30 colors
5600 Reflective Engineering Grade 14 colors
6510 Fluorescent 6 colors
8810 Frosted Glass 5 colors
3M is a highly recognized brand in digital printing. 3M and Gerber have a lot of the same products– the difference is in the sizes offered by each brand and Gerber’s added benefit of punched film for customers without friction-fed machines. The 3M 1080 wrapping series is a popular choice for customers working on wraps of any kind.
  7725 High Performance, Synthetic Liner
3630 Translucent
SC50 Intermediate Calendared 28 Colors
1080 Wrapping Film
3200 Reflective Engineering Grade
680 Premium Reflective
RTape manufactures a number of our specialty films, including glow-in-the-dark and chalkboard material. RTape also makes a line of “sparkle” film that we carry, known as Vinyl Efx.
Vinyl Efx
Avery Regional Supply stocks specialty films offered by Avery. Dry Erase material and a full line of ultra metallic colors are currently available.
  Dry Erase
Ultra MetallicMany other specialty items
Clear Focus Regional Supply stocks three options of window film made by Clear Focus.
MacTac is the newest line of vinyl film at Regional Supply. We are proud to introduce MacTac’s 8900 series used primarily for the home décor, hobby and craft.
  8900 Exhibition

We at Regional Supply have worked hard to give our customers the choices they need in vinyl products. We stock a lot of material, and have access to even more products. Jump on board…At the rate we’re going vinyl conversion lengths will storm through Moab. We should reach Texas in no time.

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