Tech Tip

The number one objective when operating a printer is to get the finest image quality possible. The best way to achieve image quality is to take all the production and maintenance steps recommended by the manufacture. Adherence to these recommended steps coupled with real world experience will produce the absolute best results equipment has to offer.


This month the Regional Supply Tech Tip focuses on step-by-step production and maintenance tips for users of the HP L25500 printer. This detailed guide will give customers a foundational look at end-user requirements to maintain optimal performance of the HP L25500.


Jump-start your business growth opportunities with HP Latex Technology November 15th-16th | San Diego, CA Join HP at their Customer Experience Center in San Diego, CA to learn first hand about the powerful advantages of Latex printing technology and the new applications available to create additional business opportunities. Hotel, food and transportation to/from the airport […]

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Dye Sublimation Class & Epson Open House Friday, September 29th | SLC, Utah Epson Class – 9:30 am to 11:00 am The education portion of this event will include topics like: the science of dye sublimation, what products can be dye sublimated, trouble shooting and opportunities for dye subublimation printing. COST: $10, non refundable. Epson Open […]

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