Better File Creation Using Onyx Software

Tips for file creation – All elements under one color space

Having your elements unified under one color space will help reduce the chance of ripping and rendering problems when the file gets to your rip.

When you are in your final design application and are placing everything together, have the program convert everything to the current working space, whether it is CMYK, or RGB.  Doing this will prevent problems down the road when you are preparing the file to print.

The problem is how rips in general can interpret the information if they carry multiple color spaces.  Some blends and transparencies may look great in the design application, but when they are placed in the rip software, they need to be converted to the printer’s color space.  Those blends or transparencies with multiple color spaces can turn out rendering incorrectly.  Converting everything into one color space, before you save out your PDF, EPS or PS file will reduced those problems.

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