Tips for Successful Wall Graphic Film Application

The summer began at Regional Supply with an appealing new wall graphic applied directly to the side of our office building. Talk about hands on experience! 3M joined us to demo and train for this huge undertaking, and everything turned out GREAT! The wall graphic looks fantastic, and we learned a few things along the way. Check out a few of the tips we’ve put together to help you with your next wall graphic project:

1)      Heat gun temperature should be at 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember how ever that any excess heat will burn or blister the film. Move at a consistent speed of about 2” per second when applying the heat and pressure.

2)       Set your perimeter edges first starting with the top and bottom then moving to the sides. Even though in normal vinyl applications you would work inside out, this material works different.

3)      Keep the heat gun about 1” from the film and immediately in front of the application tool. Never direct the heat at the application tools. It needs to be directed at the film. Make sure you don’t stop in one spot with the heat for risk of burning the material.

4)      Once you start applying the material in the center you should work toward the edges to avoid trapping any air.

5)      When working in the joints you should apply the vertical joints and then the horizontal joints starting at the top and working down line by line so you can force the air to the sides.

6)      When applying the flat surface you should use a 2” overlap with your applicator assuring that you have properly and consistently made contact between the wall and the graphic material.

7)      When applying multiple panels you will want to overlap the seam by ½” and the start applying heat and pressure just before the seam and working to the outer edge.

8)      When applying a mortar look to the wall you should cut in the joints, then reheat and reapply around the edges to assure a proper seal.

The right material, the right tools and proper technique when applying will always ensure the best results.

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