Use Your Gerber EDGE to Grow Your Business

Highly customized and profitable short run magnetic graphics are fast and easy to create using the Gerber EDGE™ production system and Gerber’s specialty magnetic materials. GerberMag™ II and Gerber AutoMag™ II can be printed on the Gerber EDGE and score cut with a 15 inch Gerber sprocket driven plotter to create short run jobs with complex decal cuts. These materials are suitable for jobs that would be impossible to create manually and still be profitable.

GerberMag II is a 19 mil thickness material primarily intended for ad specialty and refrigerator magnets.
Gerber AutoMag II is a 24 mil magnetic material designed for automotive magnetic signage. Both GerberMag II and Gerber AutoMag II feature Gerber 220 matte white vinyl laminated to a magnetic base for excellent printability.

Magnet Article3GerberMag is perfect for creating short run customized magnets that appeal to relatively small organizations such as school sports teams. For example, use GerberMag to print refrigerator magnets featuring the local high school volleyball team’s schedule. Increase the value and appeal of these simple magnets by putting a different team member’s number or name on each. Score cut a rectangular border around the schedule. For a higher value result add a customized plotter cut in the shape of a volleyball outside the rectangle cut. The schedule rectangle can later be
removed, leaving the volleyball shaped decal to be used as a refrigerator picture frame after the season is over! With the Gerber EDGETM production system a 20 piece job like this can be printed and cut in less than ten minutes.

AutoMag allows for the creation of automotive graphics featuring very detailed printing, traditional sign effects such as fades or gradients, and an added value specialized decal-cut design element. AutoMag has the same magnetic holding power as traditional 30 mil magnetic sheeting, but offers far greater versatility because it can be cut in complex shapes on an automated cutting plotter.

When selling vehicle magnetic products always be sure to tell your customers to remove and clean underneath the magnetic decal once a month. This will maintain the quality of the paint over which the magnet is placed and will allow for easy removability for years of satisfactory use.

Because of their thickness and magnetic properties, many people watch with disbelief as GerberMag and AutoMag print on the Gerber EDGE and are score cut by a plotter. The sprocket drive mechanism and robust construction of Gerber’s print and cut production systems handle these materials with ease. However there are a few tips that can make using these materials easier:

When setting up a magnetic job in GSP plot be sure to properly identify GerberMag II or AutoMag II in the Print Options dialog box. This will ensure that the correct property settings are used when printing to the Gerber EDGE and the proper weight and speed settings are communicated to the plotter.

Magnet ArticleBecause of its inherent magnetic attraction, you must prevent the material from catching on any metallic surfaces during production. If you have an older Gerber EDGE that opens from the side, consider putting cardboard or Coroplast® on the material feed “on and off ramps” to prevent the magnetic material from sticking to the sides of the EDGE.

Magnet Article2To prevent the material from sticking to itself, some EDGE owners hold it as it runs back and forth through the EDGE and the plotter. For longer runs, consider putting the Gerber EDGE on a narrow table and letting the magnetic material fall into boxes placed in front and behind the EDGE. Even better, add weights to the beginning and end of the roll so
they are too heavy to double back on themselves.

GerberMag II and AutoMag II represent only two of the many Gerber specialty materials that give you the opportunity to easily and profitably expand your product offerings.

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