Signage trends impacted by technology in substrates

Vector construction site crane building marketing textBusinesses should take a few minutes now and then to consider the massive technological advances that have shaped the substrates used in signage. It’s not your grandmother’s signboard!

Here are some cool developments in signage substrates and coatings.

With a continuing interest in ecologically-friendly materials, the signage industry offers clients high-tech options that have a lower impact on the environment. One of the more recent trends has been an increased interest in sustainable materials used in signage substrates. A raw material that has appeared on the scene recently is bamboo. A fast-growing invasive weed, bamboo groves could replace the need for wood-based products, which take much longer to mature.

Luminescent paints and paint-coating technology increase both signage visibility and durability, thereby reducing the costs of refurbishing faded signage. Since ladders are often involved in signage replacement, this would lower the incidence of falls, because high-tech coatings would require less frequent replacement.

Another improvement in protecting a company’s investment in signage is in painting exposed metal that supports the signage structure. Today’s paints can increase corrosion resistance for metal supports. Again, this lowers the risk for incurring injuries from falls.

While the lenticular fad appears to have receded into the background as digital signage became a more affordable option, even so, lots of scientists continue to explore ways to add dimensionality to signage. Making a sign pop for the passerby is a worthy goal, as many commercial districts compete for visibility among a cacophony of signage.

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