Large and small digital displays boost sales

Concept of business competition with big and small businessmenJust as in the story of “Alice in Wonderland,” digital signage is going in two directions size-wise at once. Manufacturers are making both smaller and larger digital screens to meet the needs of retailers.

While supersized digital screens captivate shoppers with gorgeous displays, three-to-four inch screens situated near checkout stands promote those last-minute impulse purchases.

According to a recent survey from iSuppli, digital technology continues to move towards higher resolution as technology wizards create amazing displays that attract passersby with stunning graphics. The digital signage industry now has both the tools and the tech to woo those discriminating shoppers. Merchants will continue to use both large digital displays and conversely smaller ones as well to boost sales.

It’s good news for merchants, but they will need to upgrade their marketing displays to keep up with the shift in visual marketing trends.

“For smaller screens, like a three-and-a-half-inch screen near a supermarket cash register that is promoting an impulse buy, we are seeing more concern about price than quality,” says Mitchell Auerbach, vice president of operations/director of LCD solutions at Edge Electronics. “For the larger screens at airports and restaurants, we are finding a much higher demand for quality.”

Auerbach predicts a growing market for digital signage, as the Americans with Disabilities Act continues to improve standards and add additional regulations that may impact the ADA. Currently ADA regulations limit the distance a digital sign can protrude from the wall. That rule will only further the adoption of slim LED displays.

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