Technology has reshaped the face of signage

old-growth coastal redwood forestEver notice how commerce never seems to slow down? That’s a good thing for U.S. businesses, but it has bred an expectation of ever-faster service. And that puts strenuous demands on businesses to turn custom orders around more quickly than ever.

It’s the case in the marketing industry and particularly in the signage business. That’s why business owners should have a close working relationship with their suppliers. It’s a team effort to ensure the wheels of commerce turn smoothly.

We take pride in keeping those wheels turning, with friendly, prompt service as well as offering an impressive assortment of cool tech and substrates for signage professionals.

A sign may seem like a simple thing, but as we all know, technology has reshaped the landscape. While low-tech plywood still plays an important role in constructing signs, new thoughtfully designed materials give shop owners a far superior selection than in years past.

Did you know those cool, weathered Redwood signs have been replaced with superior materials? They are now crafted with high-tech fabrication that ensures a sign retains its beauty and stays in top condition for far longer than one could imagine just a few years ago.

Many factors go into signage design and a thoughtful approach takes into consideration wind resistance, UV protection and other technologies that keep a sign in pristine condition. In fact, fabrics and materials of the future will transform the signage industry

Put some tip-top tech to work for your sign shop!

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