Prepare for a sea change in the adoption of digital tech for seniors

Womans eye with glasses being scanned for authorizationWe’re all familiar with the influence digital communications have in the marketing and advertising world. Say “digital” and what age group comes to mind?

If you’re like most people, you’d envision a young adult or teen wearing a pair of headphones or donning a pair of Google Glasses.

You might want to revise that picture. In Ginna Balk’s April 15th, 2014 article in Aging Today Online, the big news in digital devices is their adoption by seniors. People aged 50 and up are the biggest adopters of digital technology.

Older Americans, just like their ancestors, will experience a gradual loss of visual acuity. That’s why merchants from small companies to gargantuan firms alike will migrate to high-resolution digital displays. It’s simple logic that businesses will take a strong interest in technology that will help seniors take in those marketing pitches.

Digital screens of all sizes already deliver impressive displays. The sea-change will be in the rate of adoption of these devices, because a lot of Americans have visual issues and the number of affected individuals will only increase. Increasing visual acuity in digital displays is a timely solution for changing demographics.

All these factors add up to what promises to be a golden age for digital-display devices.

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