The behind-the-scenes role signage distributors play in marketing

invisible business man offers hand shakeIt’s ironic: The one key player in a highly visible industry is invisible to the average consumer.

Yet, the role signage distributors fulfill in the industry is crucial to helping consumers locate businesses and services. Without the expert assistance of signage material distributors, it would be a very different marketing landscape.

Brandon Hensley, COO of the International Sign Association, is also director of the National Association of Sign Supply Distributors. In a recent interview with Sign Builder Illustrated, Hensley says distributors are essentially partners with sign shops. As it turns out, they play a key role in financing marketing collateral through extending lines of credit to Mom-and-Pop sign shops. Without that liquidity, the sign industry would quickly grind to a halt.

Another vital role a distributor plays in the signage industry is the provision of customized parts and supplies. When a signage professional mounts a sign, the right fastener ensures the sign will remain in place even in harsh environmental conditions. Unlike digital marketing, the signage industry rests in large part upon bolts, screws and a plethora of specialized fasteners. Sign-makers also use an extensive array of coatings and high-performance paints, stains and substrates.

“A good distributor is constantly doing research on products, technology, and tools and then providing the information to the shop in an effort to reduce labor for the owners and to keep them educated on trends in the industry,” says Hensley.

At Regional Supply we are committed to providing those essential signage elements to our hard-working signage professionals. It’s a pleasure to serve these hard-working sign builders.

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