Tips for repairing signs in wintry weather

northern wild animals peeking out of the pine treesWintry weather plays hardball with signage. The ravages of wind and ultraviolet radiation can turn a gorgeous sign into an embarrassment in no time.

If you’re the one tasked with climbing an icy ladder to restore a damaged sign during cold weather, it’s not a picnic! Here are a few safety tips for working in less than ideal conditions:

Have a buddy system. Never work solo. You should always have a coworker standing by just in case there is a mishap. Erecting temporary signage to re-rout traffic around obstacles is also imperative.

And here’s another tip: If you have a work trailer for on-site signage repair work, be sure to brush off any snow that has accumulated on the rooftop. Otherwise, you’ll have an additional workshop hazard: puddles from melted snow. And don’t forget to open the trailer’s doors. That will shave time off the repair work.

When repairing or erecting signage in bitterly cold weather, watch out for the hazards of working in standing water from snow melt. Don’t allow anyone into your shop who isn’t wearing protective footwear.

Eye protection is also essential, but protective goggles can fog up, impinging on a clear line of sight. Don’t rush the job even though conditions may be unpleasant. Remove and clean your protective goggles to ensure a safer worksite.

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