EVE Winterfest

Salt Lake City’s EVE Winterfest is gaining recognition and this year Regional Supply was right at the center of the action. The three-day EVE party didn’t disappoint. In an effort to cut down on the winter air pollution that Utahans know all too well, EVE traded in their fireworks show for a giant mirrored ball and laser lights show.

As one of the sponsoring vendors, Regional Supply donated the acrylic mirror and LED lights that covered the 60 foot (circumference), 24,000+ lb “disco” ball. The giant frame of the sphere was covered in 12,000 12-inch squares of mirror and LED lights as it rotated on a UFO type base. As the nation’s largest mirrored sphere to date, it took four dozen volunteers two months to complete.

Derek Dyer is the Utah artist who made it all happen. Derek hopes admirers will think ‘What are you reflecting out to people and how can you create a better world by reflecting positivity and goodness to people?’


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