Tips for forming the perfect vehicle wrap

Car wrapping professional puts letters made of vinyl foil or film on vehicle doorApplying a vehicle wrap is always a bit of a challenge when curves meet three-dimensional vehicles.

Nevertheless, car wraps continue to make inroads into the vehicle-advertising market. That’s because the end result is nothing less than fabulous. What those vehicle owners of the past would have paid for the stunning effects we can easily achieve today!

Of course it takes some expertise; material handling is the most crucial factor in achieving a beautiful and long-lasting vehicle wrap. Take a few extra minutes to ensure a beautiful end result:

  1. When post-heating the material is skipped in the vehicle-wrapping process, the results will not be the best. Take a look at this six-minute video, which illustrates what happens to the vehicle wrap fabric if the material is handled improperly. The extra effort to prepare the wrap is worth the stunning result!
  2. It’s important to remember the material wants to revert to a flat sheet. Heating the material to the right temperature is the key to a beautiful wrap. Air pockets are your nemesis, and patience in heating the material is crucial to success.
  3. A heat gun is a must-have. This is as important as a squeegee. Think of it as a chemical process in which the molecules go through a shift, which impacts the malleability of the vehicle-wrap fabric. Most wrap material must reach 180 degrees F, as that’s the point where the fabric undergoes a transformation.
  4. At 90 degrees C, the memory of the material is no longer. An area in the fabric will be dead to further changes when there is no longer any remaining tension in the film. If you don’t take the time to post-heat the material, it will often go flat. Post heating is critical because it almost always guarantees long-term durability of the vehicle wrap fabric.

With proper application by an expert, a vehicle wrap’s advertising power will continue to work for many months. It’s a wise marketing investment!

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