Four digital signage trends that will impact the industry

Television and internet production technology and business conceptDid you know we’re on the cusp of a major shift in how consumers will interact with digital technology?

Here are four ways digital media will impact consumer behavior in the weeks and months to come:

  1. Sharper digital displays already support major digital marketing campaigns throughout the U.S. But the real action will be small retailers’ ability to showcase ultra-high definition displays.
  2. The clarity and brilliance made possible by these technological marvels will have a tremendous impact on how consumers interact with products both in store and outside the business establishment. Passersby will suddenly become participants in a dramatic rendering of virtual reality.
  3. The greatest impact of this new generation of high-definition displays will be the creation of highly realistic displays showcasing an array of specific product offerings along with a plethora of product facts — all delivered through rich media.
  4. In-store consumers will have a fantastic store of data at their fingertips. And patrons will be able to better visualize a product offering as it’s rendered in a highly realistic fashion. The possibilities are truly exciting for the healthcare and retail industries. Just as with mobile technology, the key concept is the ability to interact on site or in store with products and product displays. This transforming technology will add a whole new element to the retail industry in the months and years to come.

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