Customer Highlight: The KMECO Wrap Sensation

Elsinore, Utah is a central-state town settled by Danish pioneers (first known as “Little Denmark”) that eventually earned its current name after a castle made famous by Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Elsinore is also home to the impressive, SingZ by KMECO

In their words: “We are not your average everyday “Sign shop” Yes we still make and install the important “Business Signs” that people think of when they hear “Sign shop”. We are much much more than that.”

Their motto; Get your stick on couldn’t ring more true when you consider one of their recent projects.





Jesse Campbell, the manager at KMECO, has been in the sign industry for a long time and walked us through the project: This installation consisted of large logo graphics applied to fuel tanks at a local gas station in Salina, Utah. The tanks were originally painted as soda cans but really needed a face lift. First, each tower was repainted in the appropriate color and then we installed the beverage logos to tie it all together.

Diet Coke graphic: 53″ x 126″

Coke graphic: 51″ x 152″

Sprite graphic: 45″ x 105″

Monster graphic: 86″ x 94″

In total, we installed approximately 379 sq feet of Gerber 220 and 3M 1080 vinyl (total for both sides of all the tanks). Each decal was plotted. Nothing was printed.

The tank lettering was applied with the use of a JLG man lift. The job took 50 total man hours with 3 guys to do the install. We got caught in a snow storm AND a wind storm in the 3 days of the installation!

After a little heat with a heat gun, carefully peeling the transfer tape was a chore; We used heat guns to heat everything down and rags to press the vinyl into the rough texture of the paint after the transfer tape was removed.

Well done, SignZ by KMECO! We love seeing creative use of our products. Our customers sure make us proud!

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